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Arezoo Rahmdel is an accomplished artist with a unique combination of legal expertise and artistic talent. Despite graduating from a law university, she chose to pursue a career in self-taught artistry, where she discovered her passion for creating. Arezoo is a versatile artist, skilled in various mediums such as glass, wood, ceramic, canvas, and more. Her artistic journey includes intricate vitray art on glass, mesmerizing fluid and resin painting, abstract expressions, decorative art, resin jewelry, hand pottery, mixed media, dot painting, and even wall painting. Her creativity knows no bounds.

Arezoo's artistic odyssey extends beyond her personal creations; for nine years, she has been a beacon of inspiration as an art teacher in Dubai. Her commitment to nurturing emerging talents is evident, and her joy lies in helping students unfold their artistic potential. As an art curator and organizer, she orchestrates the visual symphony of exhibitions, weaving together diverse artistic voices.

The zenith of Arezoo's achievements stands tall as a Guinness World Record holder in Art Lesson in Abu Dhabi. The accolade reflects her dedication to the transformative power of art education, where she not only imparts knowledge but also stirs the innate creativity within her students.

Within the confines of a square frame, Arezoo constructs worlds that transcend the mundane, inviting viewers into alternate realities that meld painterly qualities with surrealism and fantasy. Her goal is to create a captivating escape, where the observer forgets the constraints of the frame and embraces the beauty in the disturbing.

The square frame becomes a portal to profound cognitive experiences for Arezoo. Painting becomes a language for her fractured heart and mind, providing a means to navigate through the complexities of going blind. The creative process, in her words,

is a direct communication channel between the fragments of her being. Arezoo's artistic palette isn't confined to a single medium, style, or concept. Instead, her work is a dynamic exploration of self and the evolving world around her. From traditional glass painting to assemblage, she seamlessly weaves together form and function, creating pieces that beckon reflection.

Capturing beauty in the mundane is a recurring theme in Arezoo's art. Different mediums serve as conduits for diverse ideas, allowing her to express the multifaceted facets of her creativity. Each piece is a testament to her journey, a fusion of past experiences, present insights, and a glimpse into the future. Grief, a fragile emotion, finds resonance in Arezoo's work, especially in her shards that strive to encapsulate the personal yet universal nature of this emotion. Refracted light, bold staining, and unique techniques converge to evoke the delicate essence of grief. Arezoo's creativity, to her, is a juicy, succulent force that emanates from within. It's a sensuality intertwined with the act and product of creation. Engaging with life viscerally and interactively, her art becomes a conduit for a profound, fully alive existence.

In the tapestry of Arezoo Rahmdel's artistic journey, the threads of law, teaching, curatorship, Guinness World Records, and profound personal experiences weave together into a rich, vibrant narrative—a testament to the boundless possibilities when passion meets creativity