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"Realism in art captures not just the image, but the very essence of existence, rendering the invisible threads that connect our reality to the canvas."The power of realism lies in its ability to immortalize fleeting moments, allowing art to transcend time and bridge the gap between perception and representation.

WA: Avigyan, your realistic paintings are truly mesmerizing. Could you share a moment or experience that sparked a particular painting? What emotions or thoughts were running through your mind as you brought that artwork to life?

AVIGYAN: Thank you for your kind words. The inspiration for my realistic paintings often stems from high-resolution references that evoke strong emotions. For example, when I come across a photo that portrays "defiance" or "silent strength," particularly through the eyes, I'm immediately drawn to it. These images captivate my attention and I become obsessed with recreating that same emotion on a blank canvas.

WA: Your attention to detail is remarkable. How do you approach adding that extra touch of realism to your paintings, making them almost come alive? Are there any unconventional tools or techniques you use to achieve such lifelike textures?

AVIGYAN: Achieving the highest level of realism is always a challenge. I believe my best works are around 85-90% realistic, and that last 10-15% is both difficult and intriguing. To achieve this, I continually push my boundaries and explore new techniques. While I don't use unconventional tools, I persistently rework certain parts of the painting until I achieve the desired lifelike effect. This process of discovery is incredibly rewarding and justifies the time and effort invested.

WA: Each of your artworks seems to exude a distinct emotion. How do you select the color palette for a piece, and how do you believe colors play a role in conveying the mood and narrative of your art?

AVIGYAN: Colors play a vital role in conveying emotions and narratives in my art. While I've always had a basic understanding of color, delving into color grading and learning about color schemes has expanded my palette. By using techniques like analogous colors and complementary color schemes, I can depict specific emotions on the canvas. Colors have the power to evoke feelings, and I've recently gained a deeper understanding of harnessing this power effectively.

WA: Your art beautifully balances realism and creativity. Have you ever experimented with abstract or surreal elements in your paintings, and if so, what was the motivation behind incorporating these elements into your otherwise realistic compositions?

AVIGYAN: I've always been drawn to photorealistic paintings over abstract ones. However, I have occasionally experimented by introducing abstract textures or elements into my photorealistic works. This hybrid approach allows me to merge the focus of photorealism with abstract sections that convey the desired emotion. While challenging, this balance can lead to exceptional results when executed well.

WA: Walk us through your creative process. How do you begin a painting, and how do you know when to complete it? Do you ever find yourself making spontaneous changes during the painting process?

AVIGYAN: My creative process starts with selecting a reference photo that captures a strong emotion. I then sketch the outlines on the canvas and work on achieving a likeness in the initial stages. I often focus on the eyes, as they convey a significant part of the emotion. As for knowing when a painting is complete, it's a feeling that comes over time, as I step back and assess its overall impact. Spontaneous changes are a natural part of the process; I adapt as I go along to ensure the final piece captures the intended emotion.

WA: As an award-winning artist, you have achieved remarkable success. What was the most unexpected or surprising turn your artistic journey has taken, and how did it influence your growth as an artist?

AVIGYAN: My artistic journey has been a surreal experience. My career was kick-started by my first solo exhibition in 2013. The overwhelming appreciation I received was a turning point, motivating me to push my boundaries and develop a unique style. The unexpected support and recognition pushed me to enhance my skills, resulting in considerable growth in my artwork. My first exhibition remains a significant inspiration and has shaped my artistic identity.

WA: Your paintings often evoke empathy in viewers, connecting them with the subjects portrayed. How do you use your art to create a bridge between the canvas and the hearts of those who admire your work?

AVIGYAN: My artwork often taps into emotions that people tend to suppress. Feelings like regret, despair, or defiance are universal, yet often hidden. By portraying these emotions in my art, I create a bridge between the canvas and the hearts of viewers. This resonance is almost subconscious, as the audience empathizes with the emotions depicted, fostering a connection that transcends the canvas.

WA: Avigyan, your journey as an artist is both captivating and inspiring. Your ability to infuse your art with emotions and bring it to life is truly remarkable. We're grateful for this opportunity to delve into the creative depths of your world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us!

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