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KISSA Rahpaima is a highly skilled artist whose exquisite portraits and intricate artwork have been showcased in galleries across the globe. She was born in Evaz, Iran, and raised in Dubai. KISSA has always been passionate about art. From an early age, she was fascinated by the world of color and design, constantly exploring different mediums and techniques.

After completing her degree in business management, KISSA realized that her true passion lay in the world of art. She enrolled in art classes for a year before deciding to strike out on her own, exploring the world of art and pursuing her passion for

creativity. It wasn't long before her unique style and vision caught the attention of the art world, and she was soon participating in art galleries across the region. One of her most notable achievements was being selected to showcase her work at

the Silk Factory Studio in Tbilisi, Georgia. This prestigious gallery attracts art enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world, and KISSA's work was received with great enthusiasm. KISSA is a proud member of the Phoenix Art Group, a talented collective of artists

from around the world. Together, they share a common passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic concepts. Through this group, KISSA has been able to explore new styles and techniques, which has helped her to grow as an artist.

One of KISSA's most unique achievements was her collaboration with the Souq Al Marfa, where she painted on fashion garments, adding a new dimension to her art. This was an exciting opportunity for her to explore new avenues of creativity and

expand her artistic horizons. KISSA's artwork has also been showcased at the prestigious Picasso Art Gallery and

Gulf News - Artoze Gallery at Ritz Carlton. Her portraits and close-up artwork showcase a mastery of the use of color and composition. Using coloring pencils and oil paints, she creates works of art that are both striking and emotive, capturing the

essence of her subjects with an almost palpable energy. For KISSA, art is not just a hobby, it's a way of life. She views drawing and painting as a way to connect with her own identity beyond the role of a mother and a way to gain confidence while learning new skills. For her, the process of creating is a quiet space where she can lose herself in the flow of lines and shapes, letting her emotions

guide her hand. KISSA's art is a reflection of her passion for life and her desire to explore new ways of

seeing the world. Her unique style and vision have earned her a well-deserved reputation as an accomplished artist, and her work continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

As KISSA's career continues to flourish, it's clear that her love for art and creativity will continue to drive her forward. Her dedication to her craft and her willingness to take risks and explore new techniques are just a few of the reasons why she is one ofthe most exciting artists to watch in the world today.