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Maged Makram Sheroubi is an internationally acclaimed visual artist, senior architect, and interior design consultant. He has managed and supervised many unique international projects, including five-star hotels, palaces, villas, and exceptional residential buildings with an international consulting company. Sheroubi's passion for fine art is evident in his unique style, which is a journey between Cubism, Symbolism, Surrealism, Abstract, and Expressionism. His works reflect his creativity and take the viewer on a journey into the subconscious, exploring the psychological aspects of human beings and life philosophy.

He is a well-known artist who has taken part in many local and international art exhibitions, receiving various certificates of appreciation and awards. He has also contributed to the design of decor and paintings for several theatrical performances and events. Sheroubi believes that art is not only about what he communicates but also about what people feel and understand. He looks beyond the superficial appearance and delves into the inner essence of things, sensing the heart's noise and depths of humanity and nature. His previous studies in interior design, architecture, philosophy, and psychology have greatly influenced his ideas and the execution of his artworks.

Sheroubi emphasizes the importance of passions outside of day-to-day activities, as it connects individuals with their inner selves, guiding them towards the truth and inner peace. He believes that reconnecting with oneself will help one discover their true self without any masks. Sheroubi does not compare himself to others and focuses on his journey. His recent achievements include winning the Professional Art Merit prize painting from Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) Competition for the year 2022, becoming an art ambassador for Funun Arts Group, representing Egypt in the Gulf, and getting

selected by DRDC as an international ambassador and international member of the Dawn Research and Development Council to build a better world together with DRDC.

He has received the Tagore Ratna Award for Fine Arts in India and several other international awards. Sheroubi's artworks have been featured in many exhibitions, including Artist in Focus 2022, where his works were highlighted in Magazoid Magazine's art book. In addition, his artworks were selected as a part of the South Korean Art Museum's collection during the Jeongeup International Art Festival 2022. Furthermore, his works were chosen among the top 100 artists from various countries at the Souk Al Marfa exhibition in Dubai, UAE, and he was awarded at the Bergamo Italian Capital of Culture 2023 Art Expo Gallery in Italy.

Maged Markram Sheroubi is a talented artist whose work reflects his passion, creativity, and unique style. His artworks have received international recognition and appreciation, and he continues to inspire and impact the art world with his creations.