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Mahnaz, a versatile artist residing in Dubai, is a true creative soul who has fearlessly explored numerous art techniques throughout her journey. Her deep passion for art traces back to her early years when she discovered the enchanting world of illustrations in her kindergarten storybooks. Captivated by the visual beauty within those pages, Mahnaz found solace and inspiration.

Born and raised in Dubai, Mahnaz embarked on her educational path at the Indian School Muscat in Oman. Later, she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from St. Agnes University in Mangalore, India. Despite her academic pursuits, Mahnaz's love for art continued to burn brightly.

After completing her studies, Mahnaz delved deeper into the realm of art. She eagerly enrolled in courses at private institutions, honing her skills in oil painting. She explored various subjects, specializing in landscape and still-life art. Seeking constant growth and artistic diversity, Mahnaz ventured into other forms of expression, including texture art, decoupage art, hand embroidery art, and the meticulous craft of artistic wax candle making. Her artistic journey is an ongoing adventure, with each new endeavor expanding her creative horizons.

Recognizing the therapeutic power of art, Mahnaz has successfully utilized mandalas and zentangle to heal and cope with anxiety and depression. She discovered a pathway to inner peace and self-expression through these intricate and meditative art forms.

In addition to her artistic talents, Mahnaz embarked on a remarkable entrepreneurial venture. In 2023, she established her own brand of sterling silver jewelry under the name IVYMODE. Through this brand, she has crafted unique and distinctive jewelry designs that reflect her artistic vision and personal style.

Mahnaz's artistic pursuits extend beyond traditional art forms. She has earned acclaim for her expertise in edible organic gardening, creating sustainable environments where she grows a variety of edible plants and trees. With a strong belief in the importance of healthy and nutritious homegrown food, Mahnaz has conducted numerous workshops on composting and sustainable gardening practices, inspiring others to embrace this eco-friendly lifestyle.

Throughout her artistic journey, Mahnaz has showcased her works in various exhibitions within the UAE as well as international fairs. Her artwork transcends verbal communication, conveying profound messages that words often fail to express. Each piece she creates tells a unique story of everyday life, inviting viewers to interpret and discover their own personal connection to her art. Mahnaz's work serves as a powerful medium for individual reflection and introspection, touching the hearts and souls of those who encounter it.

With an unwavering commitment to self-expression and artistic exploration, Mahnaz continues to evolve as an artist. Her dedication to her craft, combined with her profound connection to the world around her, fuels the creation of art that resonates with viewers on a deep and personal level. Through her talent, Mahnaz invites us all to embrace the beauty and power of art as a universal language.