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Artistic and Spiritual Fusion on Canvas: Rooma Eejaz's Journey Through Diverse Cultures

What is that one thing that makes you transcend into another world? For some people, it is music; for others, it is traveling; for some, it is writing; but for artists, it is putting their heart and soul on the canvas. Some artists may paint out of passion, while others may do it as a profession. There are yet others who paint for their spiritual elevation and move into a completely different zone that transcends this materialistic world.

Today we shall explore the diversified journey of Rooma Eejaz, whose experience with multiple cultures has added more to this spiritual elevation.

Rooma Eejaz is a Dubai-based artist with a multicultural background who has traveled the world and been influenced by diversified cultures in her artwork. Her passion for painting started as a hobby and slowly turned into an obsession that she pursued with devotion. Although she graduated in English Literature and qualified from The Writing School of London as a writer, her artistic streak enhanced with the passage of time. This shift of focus from one form of art to another is common among creative people. But being constantly engaged with a single form of art shows one's dedication and persistence towards that particular form of art.

For Rooma Eejaz, painting is not just a form of self-expression but also a spiritual journey. When she starts to paint, she feels as if she is transcending into another world, unknown to her surroundings, and unraveling the secrets of the inner side. Her paintings are an expression of her deepest emotions, and her style emphasizes feelings with an emphasis on expressionism. However, realism is also reflected in most of her artistic pieces.

Passionate about painting, she tends to be a storyteller, for whom colors are the words to the many untold mysteries splattered onto the canvas. Her artworks create a connection with the viewer and give meaning to their emotions. Rooma believes that art is not just a medium of expression but a way to bring people together and create a deeper understanding of the world around us.

Somewhere along her journey of art, Rooma Eejaz grew to appreciate curation also. Her experience participating in numerous exhibitions, including World Art Dubai, led her to become a curator. As a curator, Rooma Eejaz has been instrumental in promoting emerging artists from diverse backgrounds, providing them with a platform to showcase their work and reach a wider audience.

One of Rooma Eejaz's most notable works is a series of paintings that reflect the multicultural nature of Dubai. These paintings depict the rich cultural heritage of the city, with a focus on its vibrant and diverse communities. The use of bold colors and abstract forms in her paintings reflects the vibrant and dynamic nature of Dubai and the various cultures.

Rooma's work is a testament to the power of art to transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries. Her diverse background and artistic vision have given her a unique perspective on art, allowing her to create exhibitions that are not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful.