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Tatiana Yatlo is an Ukrainian artist who has gained recognition in the world of art, particularly in the field of oil painting. Her realistic style, characterized by great gentleness and harmony of shapes and colors, has captivated the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide. Tatiana is renowned for her depiction of feminine images, expressing their femininity, beauty, emotions, and character.

Tatiana's love for art began at a young age, and she pursued it dedicatedly throughout her life. She completed her diploma in Scene Art from Odessa Theatre and Art College in 2011. After finishing her degree, Tatiana worked as an art teacher at a secondary school, where she refined her skills and gained valuable experience. In 2014, she made the brave decision to move to Dubai and delve even deeper into her art practice, focusing specifically on oil paintings.

Tatiana's artistic style is characterised by great gentleness and harmony of shapes and colours. She has created many artworks that have been displayed in galleries and participated in local and international art exhibitions, including those in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, India, and Mauritius. Her artwork has gained widespread recognition, and she has been awarded twice as an outstanding artist by His Excellency Suhail Mohd. Al Zarooni.

Tatiana has also received recognition for her work, including being a Guinness World Record holder in 2023 for her contribution to the world of art.

One of Tatiana's most notable achievements is her role as an art ambassador for Ukraine in Art Connect Women in 2022 and 2023. This is an incredible honour that showcases Tatiana's skill and her dedication to the art world.

Tatiana's artwork is a reflection of her personality: gentle, thoughtful, and empowering. Her paintings are not just pretty pictures; they are a celebration of women, their strength, their beauty, and their emotions. Tatiana's artwork tells a story and evokes feelings in those who view it, and this is what makes her paintings so unique and captivating.

In "O’Nsassi/Creator," Tatiana captures the essence of motherhood. She portrays the unselfishness and love that come with being a mother. The painting "Motherhood" is another portrayal of the beauty and sacrifice of motherhood, where a mother relinquishes her position to her children.

In "African Beauty," Tatiana celebrates the beauty of African women. She portrays their originality, and how their beauty never fails to amaze. In "Sofia," Tatiana captures the essence of femininity and how embracing it can make women powerful and passionate.

In "Malika," Tatiana portrays a strong woman who is able to stand up for herself and face the world with her head held high. In "SHE," Tatiana celebrates the uniqueness of women and how they belong to no one but themselves.

In "Arabian Night," Tatiana celebrates the beauty of women and how they do not need magic to transform the world. They carry all the power they need inside themselves already. In "Nostalgia," Tatiana portrays the strength and beauty of a woman who chooses to rise above her struggles.

In "Rose," Tatiana celebrates the power of women and how their effect in every aspect of life makes a balanced equation work precisely towards success .

Tatiana's paintings showcase a range of emotions and themes, including motherhood, beauty, strength, and nostalgia. Her paintings of mothers capture the unselfishness and sacrifice that come with motherhood. She highlights the power and beauty of African women, showcasing their unique features and personalities. Tatiana also celebrates the mystery and strength of women who stand up for themselves and face the world with a head held high.

Overall, Tatiana Yatlo is a talented artist who uses her paintings to celebrate women and their beauty. Her unique artistic style and ability to capture the essence of femininity have made her a respected artist in the UAE and beyond. Her artworks continue to inspire and evoke emotions in those who view them, and she has left a lasting impact on the art world.