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Edcel La Rosa Cabalan is a Dubai-based Filipino architect whose artistry and passion go beyond the scope of architecture. He is a visual artist who has gained numerous local and international recognitions in the photography and watercolor painting society. Edcel has been given several awards such as the International Photography Awards, Buildings (IPA-PH), Sultan Bin Zayed Photography Competition, The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers UK, Xposure International Competition, A Falcon's Shadow (Best of the Emirates), and many others. He was recently awarded the Visual Arts Awardee for Harvest of Honors (Ani ng Dangal 2022) of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts under the Office of the Philippine President.

Edcel Cabalan is a passionate photographer who has been exploring various art forms. He loves to capture the beauty of landscapes, structures, and moments through his camera lens. His passion for photography has inspired him to venture into the realm of painting. He creates watercolor paintings in the Impressionist style that convey the right emotions through the use of brush strokes and colors. Edcel uses his photography skills and techniques to capture the essence of his subjects and then translates them into his paintings. His appreciation for the beauty of architecture is also expressed in his paintings.

Edcel's art has been exhibited in numerous galleries and exhibitions, both locally and internationally. His artworks have been featured in several art exhibitions in Dubai, such as the Art Exhibition in Digital Format for the Elevision Media network (the UAE’s largest digital art gallery) in collaboration with Emerging Scene at Dubai World Trade Center’s digital signage boards, "Bridge the Gap-Build the Future", Mauritius International Art Fair 2022 in collaboration with ZeeArts Gallery, and "The Walk of Life" Art Exhibition in collaboration with FUNUN Arts and Novotel Dubai-World Trade Center, among others. Edcel’s artworks have also been published in several publications, including the Association for People of Determination, a school for children with disabilities based in UAE in collaboration with Kobo Art.

Edcel is an art contributor for Kobo Art Online Gallery, a Dubai-based art gallery, Gallery Vibes-Mall of the Emirates, and Artsmiley. His printed artworks are also available on collectible items. He was part of the “Staycation in Ajman” art exhibition in collaboration with The Paintly Store and Ajman Tourism Development Department. He also participated in the "Art Beyond Boundaries", one of the largest online exhibitions in the region by ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibitions, and "Narratives Virtual Art Exhibition" by Art4u Gallery.

Edcel’s watercolor paintings have gained recognition, and some of his notable works include "Valley of Colors," "Tower Bridge," "Ananuri Fortress," "Stroll in Bur Dubai," "Wanderer in Thira," "Alley of Artisan," "Una Vista de la Catedral de Barcelon," "A Glimpse of St. Paul’s Cathedral," "An Alley in the Holy City," "Navata a Firenze," and "Bogu Iza Nogu." His acrylic paintings include "Valley of Colors," "AnanuriFortress," and "Ye Old York Inn."

Edcel's creative passion has led him to join several art groups and organizations, including the International Studio for Art and Galleries, Mimo Art Foundation-Georgia, and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers UK. His love for the arts and his unique approach to capturing and expressing his subjects have made him an outstanding visual artist. Edcel La Rosa Cabalan is a true inspiration to aspiring artists and creatives, and his artworks will surely continue to inspire and captivate viewers for years to come. Edcel's involvement in various art groups and organizations has not only allowed him to expand his network and showcase his art, but it has also given him opportunities to learn from and collaborate with other talented artists.

Through his work, Edcel has demonstrated a mastery of various mediums, including painting, photography, and digital art. His pieces often showcase vibrant colors and a keen eye for detail, which allows his subjects to come to life in his artwork. Edcel's unique approach to capturing and expressing his subjects allows him to create pieces that are both visually stunning and emotionally moving.

As an artist, Edcel has received numerous awards and recognitions for his outstanding work. His pieces have been featured in various art exhibitions, both locally and internationally, and have been published in magazines and art books. Edcel's success as an artist is a testament to his dedication and passion for his craft.

Overall, Edcel La Rosa Cabalan is a talented and inspiring artist who has made a significant impact in the art world. His love for the arts, combined with his unique approach to creating and expressing his subjects, has made him a standout artist in his field.